Saved Souls

ENS Subdomains

Being part of the Saved Souls community has its perks! Sail with us and claim your free ENS subdomain available only for Saved Souls community members.

You will be able to claim free subdomains depending on your award level:

  • 1 Saved Soul = 1 FREE subdomain
  • Narwal Award = 2 FREE subdomains
  • Humpback Award = 3 FREE subdomains
  • Finback Award = 4 FREE subdomains
  • Blue Whale Award = 5 FREE subdomains

Any subdomain you claim does not need to be renewed, and you will be able to use it for any of your ETH addresses or even send it to a friend! If you want to register more subdomains after claiming your free ones, you can do so for 0.002E.